ex falso quodlibet

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no no

i told shi i would do a voice meme too if she did

i didnt think she would actually do it

i have a thick german accent (and dont speak a lot, so im only guessing some words’ pronunciations) sorry about that

  • Say your name!
  • What got you into Devil Survivor?
  • Who’s your favourite character (for 1 and 2)?
  • Why do you like those characters?
  • Say the following: Devil Survivor, Polaris, Al Saiduq, Septentrione, Nicaea, Beldr, Deva, Laplace Mail.
  • Any pairings you like?
  • Since there are a number of people who can die, which character’s death made you the most upset?
  • Any last words?

oh the words at the end were “Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft” and “

voice memepersonal
  1. sienna-squigly-contiello said: omg i rly like your voice chii ;w;
  2. shiseptiana said: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. also, moe.
  3. mi-ma-mo said: Your German accent sounds really cute. ;3; It’s not that heavy, though! I’ve heard worse. Also, those German words at the end remind me of some super long Dutch words, haha. (I’m kind of shocked I understand what those German words meant!)
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